Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills Duty free & Travel Retail!

Two weeks ago, Habanos S.A, launched a new Travel humidor, Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills exclusively for duty free and travel retail.

The travelers and aficionados find in these channels a very good opportunity to have a very special product either to enjoy it or to buy a perfect gift for lovers of luxury, lifestyle and pleasure.

A new, elegant and practical humidor with 20 Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills (55 gauge x 130 mm in length), a vitola that was added to the brand’s portfolio in 2010, becoming a benchmark for Habano lovers.

These 20 Habanos have been made “Totalmente a mano con Tripa Larga”, with leaves selected from the Vuelta Abajo area ,Pinar del Río region, where the world’s best tobacco is produced. Its balanced and aromatic blend makes Romeo y Julieta the classic medium-strength Habano.


  • Natural red color coat with very few oily veins and shiny.
  • Vanilla and hazelnut flavor, with slight bitterness that highlights its roasted nuances.
  • Cold aroma from mouthpiece or stem with herbaceous expressions and nuts with subtle woody notes.
  • Medium strength leaning towards medium to strong. Really a Habano not to forget.
  • Excellent combustion and harmonious and easy draft that provides a very wide and creamy puff, homogeneous combustion ring giving compact light gray ash with medium gray tips.
  • Smoking time approximately 1 hour. A perfect smoke of great balance and rich in aromas 


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