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Ramon Allones No2 ALLONES EL 2019 (10)

Vitola: Campanas Ring gauge:52 Length:140mm  



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Ramon Allones No2 ALLONES EL 2019 (10) Coat: very silky, mature brown in color, with red hues. Aroma: woody and roasted, somewhat spicy and sweet, leaves hints of smoked cedar, leather, coffee, white pepper, cinnamon and honey. Flavor: intense, somewhat earthy, toasted and roasted, with notes of ripe fruits and a sweet and spicy background that leaves an aftertaste of coffee, cocoa, raisins, aged rum, honey, almond, cinnamon and black pepper. Strength: from medium-strong start to strong. Shot: excellent. Combustion: very even and homogeneous. Ash: consistent, medium gray in color with darker streaks.

SKU: T-12523

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