Habanos, S.A., redesigns the José L. Piedra ring in a new phase of brand modernization!

José L. Piedra is a peculiar Habanos brand, founded by José Lamadrid Piedra in 1880. Unlike other Habanos, this one is made with leaves from the Remedios region, which has historically been a tobacco-growing area since the 16th century.

As part of the modernization process of the José L. Piedra brand, Habanos, S.A. has renewed the design of its ring band – in line with the brand’s new attributes – by making it more modern and improving its printing technique.

In a first phase of evolution and modernization, the packaging of the José L. Piedra brand was already redesigned, and now the ring in all its references. During a transition period, both rings will be coexisting for some time in the market, being both products equally official.

Nowadays, The Habanos brand JLP, is presented with a new and more modern image. The logo is simplified and combined with the actual design of the bands and historical trimmings, gaining a better look and a fresh image.


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